On Tour
1972 film taken from a video source.

The film begins very excitingly with Elvis singing Johnny B. Goode over the credits and this opening sequence is the best in any Elvis film using the multiple image effect. Elvis is filmed arriving at the auditoriums, waiting nervously backstage and then appearing on stage to rapturous welcomes.

The multiple image effect is used to great effect throughout the whole film. Part of several concerts are shown, interspersed with rare footage of the first Ed Sullivan Show, Army induction, Elvis in his gold suit and other clips and stills.,

Elvis is seen recording Separate Ways in the studio as well as being driven to and from concerts, running the gauntlet of his fans as he enters and exits hotels and concert halls.

In between shots of Elvis singing and kissing his fans, many kissing scenes from previous MGM movies are edited in and this makes for a very entertaining segment.

On Tour is a marvellous film capturing Elvis doing what he did best, singing for his fans. Like That's The Way It Is it will always be a cherished, favourite movie and a fitting memorial to the king.
    1977 CBS TV Special
Original CBS broadcasted version

The 1977 TV special was filmed at two performances in June 1977, one at the Omaha Civic Auditorium in Omaha, Nebraska on the 19th and the other at the Rushmore Civic Centre in Rapid City, South Dakota on the 21st.

On October 3rd, several weeks after Elvis's death, the show was aired by the CBS Network. The one UK screening, to date, took place in June 1978.

Reviews of the Special have generally been unkind; mostly due to Elvis's obviously failing health at the time, but it remains an important historical account of his final days as a performer.