A new dvd release about Elvis’ Army years… Haven’t we yet seen all of that? The short answer is: no.

Looking at the artwork and the beginning of the dvd your hopes might drop that this is a highly entertaining release. Don’t let this fool you. When you are past the menu and the intro of the dvd you will be enlightened to see a truckload of footage. And very good ones… Elvis going in to the Army was no doubt one of the most important news items in 1958 and the press came on to the story in full force. And therefore a lot of footage exists on the years 1958-1960.

The producers of this dvd have taken a lot of time and effort to collect the most extensive footage of this period in Elvis’ life. The footage comes from a wide variety of sources. In chronological order the dvd shows you the complete story of Elvis in the Army.

There is footage you will know and a lot of footage that is not so common, better: very rare! A lot of the known footage is longer and sometimes presented from different, and to my eyes new angles.

So what to expect? See Elvis in a office with an American flag. This is probably during the time he got drafted. Great stuff. Elvis induction in the Army as complete as you will ever see it up to the bruises on Elvis’ chins during the physical examination. Elvis’ arrival in Texas: wow! Elvis in Germany and in Paris and even Cliff Richard walking up to Elvis’ house only to find Elvis just left…fantastic! Elvis met by Nancy Sinatra upon his return. Elvis making the joke ‘Ari vi derci’ during a press conference, something I had only heard before not seen in screen. And yes: even GI Blues is there including the lovely advert ‘Gee, I Hope You Like It’, finally to be seen. There is so much amazing footage it is dazzling.

Elvis really did a tour of duty and underwent his induction into the army in front of the world in his underpants like a real trooper. This dvd gives you all about our Soldier Boy Elvis and is a release not to be missed! Highly recommended.