Messiah Productions presents Elvis Live Live Live Volume 2: The Cincinnati Special plus the main attraction Elvis On Tour and That's The Way It Is Out-takes.

The DVD includes Johnny B. Goode complete version...Always On My Mind with different camera angles and see Elvis walk out of the studio, an outstanding never released version of Words and the complete Fort Dix farewell interview.

There's more...80 minutes of Elvis in Cincinnati on March 21, 1976, both the afternoon and evening performances with 30 minutes of unreleased footage from the two shows.

If that's not enough a bonus CD of rare tracks with many unreleased versions.

Bonus CD
Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (Undubbed Master); She Thinks I Still Care (Unedited Undubbed Master); The Last Farewell (False Start, Undubbed Master); Moody Blue (Overdubbed Unedited Master); Hurt (Undubbed Master); Love Coming Down (Undubbed Master); Sweet Angeline (Undubbed Master); Fool (Long Version); I've Lost You (Undubbed Master); Love Song Of The Year (Undubbed Master)