The 5th instalment of this wonderful series. Beautiful colour and editing, all videos are done in an MTV-style setting like the previous Hollywood Elvis DVDs.

This DVD contains the following movie clips (overdubbed with new sound)

Speedway; Who Are You?; Let Yourself Go; Your Time Hasn't Come Yet Baby; He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad; Five Sleepyheads; Suppose; There Ain't Nothing Like A Song; Your Groovy Self; On Top Of Old Smokey; Follow That Dream; What A Wonderful Life; Sound Advice; I'm Not The Marrying Kind; Angel; A Whistling Tune; Roustabout; Little Egypt; Poison Ivy League; It's A Wonderful World; Carny Town; Hard Knocks; Wheels On My Heels; It's Carnival Time; Big Love Big Heartache; One Track Heart; Brand New Day On The Horizon; It Hurts Me; I'm A Roustabout; Going Home; Stay Away; Slow; Stay Away Joe; Dominic; All I Needed Was The Rain; Short Jam; Singing Tree; Stay Away; Fast

Whilst a compilation of Elvis’ customary videos would be exciting, here most of these clips have been cleverly remade & remodelled and some of them are truly inspirational!