The third instalment of the Hollywood Elvis series, and this one focuses on Elvis' Hawaiian movies. Beautiful colour and editing, all videos are done in an MTV-style setting like the previous Hollywood Elvis DVDs.

This DVD contains the following movie clips (overdubbed with new sound)

Paradise Hawaiian Style; Such A Night; Aloha Oe; Almost Always True; No More; Hawaiian Sunset; Rock-A-Hula-Baby; Can't Help Falling In Love; Island Of Love; Beach Boy Blues; Ku-U-I-Po; Moonlight Swim; Ito Eats; Slicin' Sand; Hawaiian Wedding Song; Blue Hawaii; Steppin' Out Of Line; Girls! Girls! Girls!; The Wall's Have Ears; Because Of Love; We'll Be Together; I Don't Wanna Be Tied; We're Coming In Loaded; Earth Boy; A Boy Like Me; Return To Sender; Plantation Rock; I Don't Want To; Song Of The Shrimp; Mama; Thanks To The Rollin' Sea; Where Do You Come From; This Is My Heaven; House Of Sand; Datin'/ Queenie Wahinie; Stop Where You Are; A Dog's Life; Scratch My Back; Drums Of The Island; Sand Castles; Early Morning Rain; Blue Hawaii; I'll Remember You

Whilst a compilation of Elvis’ customary videos would be exciting, here most of these clips have been cleverly remade & remodelled and some of them are truly inspirational!